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Cracked aero seatpost

This seat post had suffered a crush fracture due to overtightening.

We cut out the damaged area and replaced with matching carbon, obviously the repaired section had to fit precisely within the exiting seatube!

"Seat post arrived today very happy you've done an amazing job. Many thanks for all your help, I know where to come in the future and I will be recommending you to all my cycling friends".

Kuota shatterd seat tube

Shattered seat tube the result of a road crash. A section had become delaminated due to severe loacalsied impact. 

We cut out the damaged area and replaced with new carbon, we then produced a Kuota logo and matched the existing paintwork.

"Very impressed I can go racing this weekend. I can't see the repair looks amazing, good as new!"

Commencal pivot bush

This was in qute a mess, the alloy pivot bush had broken loose and collopsed within the carbon frame.

We cut out the old bush and damaged corbon from around the area, also pulled out a substantial amount of bladder material left in there from manufacture! The existing bush had very thin flanges and didnt really look strong enough for the potential forces exerted on it. We redesigned and manufactured a more robust bush and bonded it place. Once all carbon work was complete we sprayed the area to match existing paintwork.

"Thanks for your great service, job looks very solid. Very happy with your work thanks for everything". 

Crack at headtube bearing seat

"Lovely repair, you have matched my paint exactly and touched up the other areas I hadn't noticed. very pleased thank you I will pass your details onto other members in the club".


Shattered top tube

"Excellent, looks fantastic".

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