Shipping Your Repair is Easy

Please clean your frame, clean it of mud, blood, sweat and any other unmentionable substances.


Ideally strip it down of all components, if you are unable to strip it down just say so we can see what really needs to come off and what can remain (we understand dismantling cables etc can be a pain!) 



Some damaged areas may require inclusion of certain parts eg: include seatpost if seat tube is damaged, or rear derailleur hanger if dropout has cracked. We can discuss what maybe required at the time of ordering.


We can arrange courier options to collect your frame and have it returned once repaired.

Please enquire about additional insurance during transit if you so wish.

Remember weight and size of box are key to cost when it comes to couriers.


Packing Your Frame

Most local bike shops can supply you with a used box, also the Uk's leading cycling and motoring retailer (we all know the one) will supply used cardboard bike boxes for FREE!  

Try and get one small enough to fit just your frame or cut down a larger one to size. (smaller obviously cost less to ship)


Wrap your frame up well to stop it moving around inside. Pack it with lightweight padding, newspaper is ideal. Pay attention to headtube, bottom bracket, fork dropouts. Ideally place something between the dropouts to give them extra rigidity, a piece of wood cut to size or tightly rolled cardboard is ideal.


  • Initially contact us by email or comple our Quick Quote form.
  • Strip and clean your frame (please speak to us if you can not dismantle your bike)
  • Package your bike in a suitable box.
  • Send to us.
  • Sit back and wait.
  • We will keep you posted of progress and confirm completion.
  • Upon completion its time to pay via our easy payment methods.
  • We return your newly repaired frame.
  • Enjoy.
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