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We thoroughly check your frame and report our findings offering the most appropriate solution. Whatever level of repair you require we provide the same standard of structural carbon repair to each. Whether you opt for our Diamond, Ruby or Emerald Repair level your bike will have undergone the same evaluation process and have the same structural integrity in each.

Three standards of repair to suite every budget, ultimately we pay attention to detail and strive for perfection.

Diamond Repair

Our Diamond Repair will return your bike to a true manufactures level of finish, 99% of repairs will be indistinguishable.

We thoroughly check your entire frame, not just around the immediate damaged area, stresses imposed at the initial point of impact can spread throughout the frame and produce secondary damage elsewhere. We remove all 

damaged carbon.
We laminate new carbon creating a structurally sound and aesthetic finish. The exact method and weave of carbon differs depending on location of damage, we will discuss the best solution with you. 

Blending in new carbon to match existing, 'nude' carbon can be notoriously difficult to create a true invisible repair. We aim to hide your repair by the most appropriate method. This may require us to blend carbon beyond the immediate area or wrap a section of frame tube, again each repair is assessed on an

individual basis. 
Painted frame repairs are colour matched to blend with your existing paintwork. We can recreate logos and frame graphics to match manufactures original specification. Our aim is to create a truly invisible mend to your frame.
If require we can fully rebuild and setup your bike ready for delivery

or collection.


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Ruby Repair

Our Ruby repair offers the same standard of structural repair and blended carbon finish as Diamond. Ruby offers an intermediate level with a final base paint finish usually black, white or the base colour of your frame around the repaired area. This can greatly reduce the repair cost whilst giving you the same peace of mind as our Diamond level.


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Emerald Repair

Emerald Repair offers a cosmetic refresh usually associated with the rigours of everyday use particularly useful for MTB's. We repair non structural defects knocks, bumps and chips. This service is also ideal for steel, alloy and titanium framesets. We can colour match and hide those unsightly cosmetic marks and imperfections that detract from an otherwise perfect bike.


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Custom Design

Finally we don't just repair existing bikes and components. We can design and produce bespoke custom or modified components. Carbon truly is a diverse and wonderful material and opens up unlimited possibilities. Please get in touch with your ideas or suggestions and lets see if we can design and produce an item to meet your requirements.
Additionally we offer a full in house professional graphic design service using industry standard Apple Mac computers running the latest software. We can reproduce bicycle frame graphics and logos to match exiting or to a custom design.

We can also custom design a colour paint scheme.


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Previous Repairs

Shattered top tube

Always remember to remove your bike from the roof rack 'before' entering a garage.

Good as new

Damaged carbon has been cut out and a new section laminated in the top tube, finished with matching paint.

Figmo seat tube delamination

Continous bending forces around the upper seat tube have caused delamination in Top tube, seat tube and seat stays area.

Figmo now strengthened

All damaged carbon was cut out and new blended into the existing frame, this gives a continous flow to the repaired area. My customer requested a nude carbon finish rather than re-apply the existing paint scheme.

Crushed seat tube

This Kuota K-Factor road bike sustained a crushed seat tube in an RTA. We cut out the existing damaged section and replaced with new carbon.

Kuota K-Factor graphics

We created replacement graphics on the Apple Mac and produced templates for repaired frame section.

Kuota K-Factor complete

Finally repaired, resprayed and displaying new graphics, you would never know!


Commencal MTB collapsed pivot

This alloy pivot bush had collapsed and eventually shattered the supporting carbon

Designed new pivot bush

We re-designed a new stronger pivot bush

New bush ready

Once manufactured and tolerences checked we bonded the new bush into the Commencal frame

Commencal stronger than new

All fitted and re-sprayed, now much stronger than when new!




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